Metal bird sculptures and wall art for your garden.

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Angry Owl

Approx: H 420mm, W 350mm, L 350mm

Bird on a Wheat Stalk

Approx: H 1900mm, W 900mm

Crane - Large

Approx: H 1700mm, W 450mm, L 800mm

Crane - Medium

Approx: H 1200mm, W 250mm, L 600mm

Crane - Small

Approx: H 750mm, W 160mm, L 500mm

Duck - Set of 3

1x Lge, 1x Med, 1x Sml

Duck - Large

Approx: H 450mm, W 350mm, L 500mm

Duck - Medium

Approx: H 350mm, W 300mm, L 380mm

Duck - Small

Approx: H 200mm, W 350mm, L 380mm

Duck Mallard - Large

Approx: H 600mm, W 300mm, L 650mm

Duck Mallard - Set of 2

Approx: H 600mm, W 300mm, L 650mm

Duck Mallard - Small

Approx: H 600mm, W 300mm, L 650mm

Fantail - Freestanding

Approx: H 120mm, W 150mm, L 200mm

Fantail - Hanging

Approx: W 270mm, L 240mm

Fantail on a Stem

Approx: H 1200,mm, W150mm, L 200mm

Flamingo - Twisted Style

Approx: H 1800mm, W: 300mm, L 600mm

Heron - Large, bending

Approx: H 1150, L 1100mm, W 200mm

Heron - Large, upright

Approx: H 1800, L 600mm, W 200mm

Heron - Medium, bending

Approx: H 900, L 1000mm, W 150mm

Heron - Medium, upright

Approx: H 1400, L 650mm, W 150mm

Heron - Small, bending

Approx: H 800, L 1000mm, W 120mm

Heron - Small, upright

Approx: H 1100, L 500mm, W 120mm

Heron - Twisted metal, curved neck

Approx: H 1500mm, W: 300mm, L 1000mm