Wall Art

Metal wall art for your garden and home. Our unique, handmade metal wall art is a beautiful addition to your outdoor space.

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Autumn Tree

Approx: H 1000mm, W 1000mm, D 50mm
€187.48 €193.50

Butterfly - Large

Approx wingspan: 460-500mm


Approx: L 950mm, W 600mm, D 100mm

Dragonfly - Large, Coloured, Wall Mount

Approx: H 300mm, W 850mm, L 700mm

Dragonfly - Medium, Coloured, Wall Mount

Approx: H 100mm, W 600mm, L 400mm

Dragonfly - Small, Coloured, Wall Mount

Approx: H 100mm, W 400mm, L 350mm

Flat Fish

Approx: H 400mm, W 600mm, D 100mm
€94.60 €68.80

Flower Pot - Medium, wall mount

Approx: H 900mm, W 500mm

Gecko - Twisted - Large

Approx: W 600mm, L 1200mm

Gecko - Twisted - Medium

Approx: W 550mm, L 900mm
€64.50 €55.90

Gecko - Twisted - Small

Approx: W 450mm, L 700mm
€47.30 €43.00

Hummingbird and Lily - Wall Mount

Approx: H 400mm W 300mm D 200mm


Approx: H 280,mm, W 100mm, L 250mm


Approx: H 250,mm, W 100mm, L 250mm

Morepork Owl

Approx: H 370mm, W 180mm, L 180mm

NZ Fern - Medium wall mount

Approx: H 1200mm, W 900mm,

NZ Fern - Small wall mount

Approx: H 600mm, W 350mm,

NZ Flag

Approx: H 1400mm, W 900mm, D 30mm

NZ Flag - Silver Fern Flag

Approx: H 1400mm, W 900mm, D 30mm

Pohutukawa - wall mount

Approx: H 1100mm, W 900mm, D 150mm

Poppy Wheel

Approx: Diameter: 600mm, W 200mm

Prosperity Tree

Approx: H 950mm, W 1000mm, D 50mm
€253.70 €129.00

Robin (single)

Approx: H 120mm, W 90mm, L 150mm