Hedgehog - Set of 3 (thin needles)

1x Lge, 1x Med, 1x Sml

We have three different styles of hedgehog.

Here is a collection of our THIN-needled scrap metal Hedgehogs, which couldn't be more adorable.

These are akin to our FLAT needle hedgehogs but feature thin circular spines.

These are one of our top sellers. The Hedgehog family includes: 1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small.

They look perfect on a patio or deck, peeking out from under plants in the garden, or beside a potted plant.

These are often purchased along with our Toadstool sculptures as they complement each other perfectly, with the hedgehogs nestled beneath the toadstools.

Also available individually (see RELATED PRODUCTS at the bottom of this page).

SKU: 10052/Set

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