Heron - Large, bending

Approx: H 1150, L 1100mm, W 200mm
Old price: €150.50

Our Herons come in 5 sizes and each size has an option for upright or bending.

These look perfect in almost any setting; in a garden bed, on a lawn, a pebble garden, by a pond, or in front of your view where they add a feature without blocking the view.

The different size mix and match really well together.

This is our Large Bending Heron.

These large herons make a stunning feature and look especially impressive when paired with one of our Large Upright Herons.

Please note that the colours of these sculptures vary from lighter silver through to a darker brown depending on what scrap metal is available at the time of making.

Shipping for these Heron sculptures is calculated on a per-address basis. If you would like to know the cost of shipping to your address, please contact us and we can let you know.

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