Kereru Wood Pigeon

Approx. Dimensions: H 1400mm, L400mm, W 400mm

Scrap Metal Kereru, made from recycled scrap metal.

These lovely slightly larger than life-sized Kererus are mounted on a stake that can be pushed into the ground.

They look stunning in a garden bed amongst flowers and plants.

Their two-tone, metallic paint finish gives that iridescent colour that makes the Kereru birs so beautiful.

These are the largest of our NZ Birds sculptures with the exception of the Pied Shag sculpture.

This sculpture will bring colour and charm to any garden.

Crafted from recycled scrap metal, these charming Kereru sculptures are slightly larger than life-size.

Each Kereru is perched atop a stake for easy insertion into the ground.

They make a stunning addition to any garden bed, nestled among flowers and plants.

The two-tone metallic paint finish mimics the exquisite beauty of the Kereru bird.

Among our collection of New Zealand bird sculptures, these are the largest second only to the Pied Shag sculpture.

Adding this sculpture to your garden will bring color and enchantment.

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