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The latest additions to our metal garden art range

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Bird Feeder , Dome Top (Medium)

Approx: H 400mm, W 370mm

Bird Feeder , Dome Top (Small)

Approx: H 330mm, W 310mm

Bulrush - Single, Set of 5

Approx: H 1900mm and H 1500mm

Bulrush - Single, Standard

Approx: H 1500mm

Bulrush - Single, Tall

Approx: H 1800mm


Approx: H 400, W 150mm, L 650mm

Crocodile in a Drain

Approx: H 900mm, W 1000mm, L 1800mm
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Daisy Stem

Approx: H 1200mm, W 500mm, L 10mm

Hippo in a Drain

Approx: H 900mm, W 500mm, L 1100mm
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Hummingbird Stem

Approx: H 1200,mm, W150mm, L 200mm

Kiwi - Feathered

Approx: H 320mm, W 170mm, L 480mm

Ladybirds on a Stem - Double

Approx: H1200mm, W100mm, L 200mm

NZ Fern - Small wall mount

Approx: H 600mm, W 350mm,

Prosperity Tree

Approx: H 950mm, W 1000mm, D 50mm
$295.00 $250.00

Rearing Horse

Approx: H 3500mm, L 1800mm, W 600mm
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Snapper Fish

Approx: H 500mm, W 960mm, D 150mm

Steampunk Dragon

Approx: H 1200mm, W 1000mm, L 1200mm
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Steampunk Kiwi

Approx: H 1000mm, W 1100mm, L 400mm
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Steampunk Spider - Large,

Approx: H 350mm, L 500mm, W 500mm

Steampunk Stag Head

Approx: H 1700mm, W 900mm, L 900mm
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