Animals & Fish

Metal animal and fish sulputures and metal wall art for your home and garden.

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Blind Mouse

Approx: H 540mm, W 250mm, L 350mm

Bush Pig - Large

Approx: H 500mm, W 250mm, L 500mm

Bush Pig - Med

Approx: H 350mm, W 200mm, L 400mm

Bush Pig - Small

Approx: H 250mm, W 150mm, L 250mm

Bush Pigs - Set of 3

1x Lge, 1x Med, 1x Sml

Field Mouse (on a wheat stalk)

Approx: H 1400mm, W 50mm, L 250mm

Flat Fish

Approx: H 400mm, W 600mm, D 100mm
$110.00 $80.00

Frog on Holiday

Appox: H 900mm, W 400, L 700mm

Gecko - Twisted - Large

Approx: W 600mm, L 1200mm

Gecko - Twisted - Medium

Approx: W 550mm, L 900mm

Gecko - Twisted - Small

Approx: W 450mm, L 700mm

Hedgehog - Set of 3

1x Lge, 1x Med, 1x Sml

Hedgehog - Large

Approx: H 220mm, W 260mm, L 280mm

Hedgehog - Medium

Approx: H 200mm, W 230mm, L 250mm

Hedgehog - Small

Approx: H 180mm, W 200mm, L 220mm

Marlin Fish

Approx: H 600mm, W 960mm, D 100mm
$125.00 $85.00

Meerkat - Large

Approx: H 500mm, W 150mm, L 300mm

Meerkat - Medium

Approx: H 430mm, W 120mm, L 250mm

Meerkat - Small

Approx: H 330mm, W 100mm, L 200mm

Meerkats - Set of 3

Approx: H 500mm, W 150mm, L 300mm

Rearing Horse

Approx: H 3500mm, L 1800mm, W 600mm
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Robin (single)

Approx: H 120mm, W 90mm, L 150mm

Shovel Head Fish

Approx: H 300mm, W 400mm, D 100mm