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Aloe Vera

Approx: H 750mm, W 750mm, D 750mm

Angry Owl

Approx: H 420mm, W 350mm, L 350mm

Autumn Tree

Approx: H 1000mm, W 1000mm, D 50mm
€187.48 €193.50

Bird Feeder (Medium)

Approx 480mm x 340mm

Bird Feeder (Small)

Approx: H 330mm, W 260mm

Bird Feeder , Dome Top (Medium)

Approx: H 400mm, W 370mm

Bird Feeder , Dome Top (Small)

Approx: H 330mm, W 310mm

Bird on a Wheat Stalk

Approx: H 1900mm, W 900mm

Blind Mouse

Approx: H 540mm, W 250mm, L 350mm

Bulrush - Freestanding, Tall (1900mm)

Approx: H 1900mm

Bulrush - Single, Set of 5

Approx: H 1900mm and H 1500mm

Bulrush - Single, Standard

Approx: H 1500mm

Bulrush - Single, Tall

Approx: H 1800mm

Bush Pig - Large

Approx: H 500mm, W 250mm, L 500mm

Bush Pig - Med

Approx: H 350mm, W 200mm, L 400mm

Bush Pig - Small

Approx: H 250mm, W 150mm, L 250mm

Bush Pigs - Set of 3

1x Lge, 1x Med, 1x Sml

Butterfly - Large

Approx wingspan: 460-500mm

Butterfly on a Stem

Approx: H 1100mm, W 100mm, L 150mm

Butterfly on a Stem - set of 3

Approx: H 1100mm, W 100mm, L 150mm


Approx: H 400, W 150mm, L 650mm

Climbing Ants

Approx: H 1200mm, W 100mm, L 300mm
€68.80 €64.50

Crane - Large

Approx: H 1700mm, W 450mm, L 800mm