Beautiful scrap metal sculptures on special to make room for new ones coming

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Climbing Ants

Approx: H 1200mm, W 100mm, L 300mm
€68.80 €64.50

Flat Fish

Approx: H 400mm, W 600mm, D 100mm
€94.60 €68.80

Marlin Fish

Approx: H 600mm, W 960mm, D 100mm
€107.50 €73.10

Prosperity Tree

Approx: H 950mm, W 1000mm, D 50mm
€253.70 €215.00


Approx: L 1400mm, W 400mm, L 400mm
€253.70 €211.56

Tree of Life - X-Large

Approx diameter: 1000mm
€339.70 €301.00