Feature Sculptures

Our unique, handmade feature sculptures make a stunning addition to your garden, deck, patio or other outdoor space.

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Bull - Life Sized

Approx: H 1800mm (to shoulder) 2200mm (to top of tail), W 1400mm, L2800mm
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Bush Pigs (Warthog) - Set of 3

1x Lge, 1x Med, 1x Sml

Busy Bee - Steampunk

Approx: H 1500mm, W 600mm, L 600mm
€425.70 €339.70

Drain Crocodile

Approx: H 900mm, W 1000mm, L 1800mm
€1806.00 €1376.00

Flamingo - Twisted Style

Approx: H 1800mm, W: 300mm, L 600mm

Giraffe (2x sizes)

Approx: H 2400mm, W 400mm, L 1000mm
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Hammerhead vs Dolphin

Approx: H 2600mm, W 1200mm
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Heron - Twisted metal, curved neck

Approx: H 1500mm, W: 300mm, L 1000mm

Heron - Twisted metal, upright

Approx: H 1800mm, W: 300mm, L 900mm

Hippo in a Drain

Approx: H 1000mm, W 1000mm, L 1100mm
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Hummingbird and Lily - Wall Mount

Approx: H 400mm W 300mm D 200mm

Kudu Antelope (life-sized)

Approx: H 2600mm, W 1600mm
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NZ Fern - Large freestanding

Approx: H 1800mm, W 1500mm,

NZ Fern - Medium freestanding

Approx: H 1200mm, W 900mm,

NZ Fern - Medium wall mount

Approx: H 1200mm, W 900mm,

NZ Fern - Small wall mount

Approx: H 800mm, W 450mm,

NZ Toetoe

Approx: H 1900mm, W 800mm,


Approx: H 900mm, W 300mm, L 1300mm

Poppy - Freestanding

Approx: H 1400mm, W 1000mm, L 1000mm
€322.50 €236.50

Rearing Horse

Approx: H 3500mm, L 1800mm, W 600mm
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Rhino (Life-sized)

Approx: H 1500mm, W 900mm, L 2750mm
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