NZ Fern - Large freestanding

Approx: H 1800mm, W 1500mm,

These are among our signature sculptures, available in large and medium sizes, with a choice of silver or brown/bronze finishes.

Our LARGE freestanding fern is a stunning statement piece, standing approximately 1800mm tall. It's an impressive sculpture that fits beautifully in any sheltered spot.

The surface plays with light, changing appearance with varying levels of daylight, sun, and shade, thus offering different visuals under varying light conditions.

Enhance it with solar LED lights to create a subtle, enchanting feature at night.

The "silver" finish stands out against dark backdrops, while the "bronze" finish complements lighter backgrounds.

Please let us know your colour preference at the time of ordering.

NOTE: shipping for these Large NZ Fern sculptures will be calculated on a "per shippment" basis. If you are interested in finding out the price of shippping to your address please get in touch through the contact us page here

The photos are examples of previous stock. All our sculptures are handmade from recycled scrap metal and so there may be colour and shape variations.

SKU: 90074

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