Steampunk Sewing Machine Tractor and Trailer

Approx: H 900mm, W 450mm, L 1600mm - 1800mm
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Our Sewing Machine Tractor and Trailer sculptures are highly sought after.

Each sculpture is a unique and impressive work of art.

The detachable trailer can serve as a planter or as a cooler when filled with ice for your favorite drinks at a BBQ. It is decorated with old scrap metal, garden tools, and more.

The tractor's engine is crafted from an old sewing machine, topped with a repurposed garden shovel to form the canopy over the "driver," who is assembled from recycled engine parts.

The wheel arches and trailer body are constructed from upcycled gas cylinders.

These sculptures are substantial, measuring approximately 1800mm in combined length, and are quite heavy, ensuring stability against the wind. Lifting the front "engine" section requires the strength of two people.

NOTE: The photos provided are of previous examples for reference. Please contact us for pricing, images of current stock, and freight costs to your address.

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