Steampunk Kiwi

Approx: H 1000mm, W 400mm, L 1100mm
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Behold another of our magnificent steampunk sculptures.

This Kiwi stands grandly at one meter tall, extends over a meter in length, and is HEAVY. It's exceptionally solid and durable.

Each of our steampunk sculptures is a one-of-a-kind creation.

They are composed of an assortment of scrap metal, nuts, bolts, metal plates, keys, padlocks, horseshoes, old tools, car parts, and more.

These Kiwi sculptures make a bold statement and are sure to spark conversations among all who see them.

The unique form of the Kiwi has been expertly captured by our skilled artists, which is all the more remarkable considering they have never seen a kiwi in person.

NOTE: Photos may be of previous examples for reference. Please contact us for images and freight pricing of the current stock.

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