Steampunk Perched Eagle

Approx: H 1800mm, W 1100mm, L 1100mm
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Introducing another variant of our stunning steampunk Eagle sculptures, each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation.

These sculptures are significant statement pieces, sure to spark conversation among all who view them.

The Eagle is portrayed as though it's either ascending from or landing on a perch.

Composed of an assortment of scrap metal, nuts, bolts, metal plates, keys, padlocks, horseshoes, old tools, and car parts, the sculpture's body is a testament to creative re-use.

The wingspan varies from 1100mm to 1500mm, while the height ranges from 1700mm to 1900mm.

The perch is affixed to a repurposed wheel rim, which can be easily pegged or bolted down for stability.

NOTE: Photos are previous examples for reference. Please contact us for images and freight pricing for current stock.

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